Why do Basement Leak

  • Leaking basements are a big problem. When water gets into a basement it can affect your whole house. It can cause foundation damage and even introduce harmful mold. Understanding why basement leak is the first step in preventing leaking in your basement.
  • Basements are used for many different things. In some homes they are used as storage place. In other homes they may be fully furnished and used as any other room in the house. Whatever the use it has, when water gets into the basement it is a hassle.
  • There are some different reasons that basement leak. One of the most common is simply water running into the basement through the wall joists, seeping through the floor and coming in through cracks. Problems like this can be solved by waterproofing a basement.
  • Sometimes basements leak because the drainage system around the house is clogged and that causes water to back up and flow into the basement. This can be solved by adding drainage and keeping drains clear.
  • If you do not have a finished basement your biggest concern is going to be simply protecting your home from water damage due to a leaking basement. You should install a drain in the floor so that any water that gets in will be able to get out. You should also consider all of the above solutions to common leaking problems.
  • If you have a finished basement they your best choice is to waterproof it. You should hire a trained and proven company to this for you. They will be able to waterproof of your basement so that it will not leak at all.
  • Basements by nature are generally damp. Most basements require the use of a dehumidifier to rid excess moisture from the air. Moisture can be just as damaging as a leak if left untreated.
  • Basements will leak because it is just natural. Basements are located below ground and if they are not properly built, then leaking will occur. They are more susceptible to water leaking because they are closer to water sources and at the perfect level for drainage issues. By understanding the common causes of basement leaks you can help to prevent leaks in your basement.
  • Another common leak is through basement windows. When there is a lot of rain or snow drainage, windows can leak since they are at ground level. Installing newer windows can van help to solve this problem.

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Recently had renovations done to a basement bedroom and bathroom. The exterior wall was excavated and waterproofed in May of 2017. After studs, fiberglass insulation, vapour barrier and drywall were installed, small areas of water began to appear on the floor, next to the wall. I was at a total loss as to what could be causing the water. Did some on-line research which seemed to indicate water was coming up through the floor and a sump pump may be required. This seemed odd to me since the floor was bone dry since the waterproofing was done in May and the water appeared only after the interior wall was finished. Also, it is the dead of winter in Winnipeg. In an effort to gain some insight into what could be causing the water issue I sent an email to a few local contractors, including the one who repaired the exterior wall (not Primal). I received a very quick reply from Nick ****, Project Manager at Primal Contracting. Nick asked a few questions and I sent him a photo of the water. He then suggested I call to discuss further.

Nick took my call and after I answered a few more questions he determined my problem was most likely caused by the joist cavities being improperly insulated. Condensation or ice (very cold spell in Winnipeg) was forming in the cavity area and water was running down the concrete wall, behind the drywall and pooling in several areas on the floor, along the wall. Nick instructed me to insulate these areas with 2 rigid foam insulation and to fill in the gaps with spray foam insulation. I followed Nicks advice and put the foam insulation in place. After a brief mild spell, extreme cold weather has returned. My basement floor is again bone dry. I am so grateful to Nick. Not knowing what was causing my water issue and based on the research I did which indicated I need to install a sump pump, I was certainly in a position to be taken advantage of. Nick at no time attempted to sell me a service I did not need. In fact, he dismissed the sump pump idea almost right away and instead gave me a remedy which would not bring his company any business. My experience with Nick and Primal Contracting shows me this is a company run with integrity and honesty and is certainly worthy of my business when that need arises. By the way, I am still waiting for a reply from the company who excavated and waterproofed my foundation wall in May, 2017. Thank you

Nick Eric

I have an small addition on the front of my house which had dropped and needed to be leveled. I contacted a couple of companies to obtain quotes and decided to go with Primal based on their A+ rating BUT also with the way I was treated. Nick and his crew were excellent to deal with, answered all my questions and did not "talk down to me" in the least. I am more than satisfied with the job they did and the clean up was exceptional (even down to the point of them trying to replant my peony bush....LOL).

I would not hesitate to either rehire them in the future but also to recommend them to friends. Thanks to these guys, my addition is better than it was when I bought the house!

Julie D.

We had Primal Contracting repair our foundation and replace weeping tiles. They were prompt in responding to our request for a quote and fully explained the process. Primal is more than wiling to answer any questions or concerns. The project was completed in four days. The team ensured they did a complete clean up of our property. It was a pleasure dealing with Nick and all of his team members. I would not hesitate to recommend Primal for your foundation repairs.


The team at Primal did a fantastic, quick and thorough job at my home. The repair was for the foundation and weeping tile, as well as a drain which needed to be jackhammered to allow for proper drainage. From the beginning, Primal, and Nick ****, were fantastic to deal with. He was patient and sympathetic, listened to my concerns and took the time to come up with an educated solution.

Primal was able to get the job done within a week and was very quick to get to work. If I had questions or concerns, Nick always took the time to listen and to respond quickly. Nick proved that he will go above and beyond to deliver customer satisfaction and peace of mind. I am grateful to have chosen Primal and to have dealt with Nick. Thank you!

Andi T.

I have used Primal a number of times on various projects. Primal has always treated me very well by delivering good customer service and competitive prices. I highly recommend Primal.

James D.

I had the Primal Contracting repair my wet crawlspace. Their crew was very polite, conscientious, committed, honest, and responsible. My focal point was Mr. Nick **** who is readily accessible, quite patient and responsive and a professional. They quoted accurately given their initial assessment of the work which was not changed much afterwards.

Although they declined a much more detailed warranty on their work, they offered me their standard warranty and Nick took his time to educate me and convince me why some items of warranty are already included; some are not needed, and some other parts are beyond warranty. All in all, I found this company trustworthy and professional. Their other competitors in Winnipeg are not even close.

Eiman R.

I had engaged Primal Contracting to repair my leaking basement. The repair included excavation of two elevations (80 linear feet), jacking/structural re-enforcing of the foundation walls and an exterior water proofing membrane.

It was a lot of work to complete, however the guys completed the whole project within 6 days (including one weekend day). Overall I'm very happy with the work completed and the transferable warranty offered by the company. Primal was able to complete high quality work at a lower cost than many of their competitors.

Harmon L.

We had a very positive experience with the team from Primal. The estimate was very detailed and they took the time to explain the entire process to us (making 2 visits to answer questions). They stayed in contact with us to let us know when the job would start.

The were punctual with start times, they worked efficiently and were very neat. The owner came and did a walk through after the work was completed to make sure everything was done correctly. We had weeping tile replaced, exterior water proofing and interior steel supports/brackets installed.

Shannon B.

Primal employees completed the job on time, efficiently and cleaned up after themselves. I would recommend them to anyone that needs their foundation repaired.


Exceeded expectations, Thank you team Primal.

Joanna K.

I am pleased to provide a statement in support of Primal Construction. They do excellent work. I have had my roof shingled, repairs to my foundation and a small building moved. All have been completed on time and professionally.

Primal Construction and its owner Eric Dihic have been excellent citizens of North Point Douglas. Very important is Primal’s willingness to hire local people. Providing employment is an important part of a healthy community.

Sel & Chris Burrows

Coordinators, Point Powerline

(Citizens on Watch)

Primal Contracting has performed a number of jobs in and around my basement, over the last few years - water proofing, patching cracks, studding and insulating, etc. The workers have always been on time, performed the job in the quoted time frame, cleaned up after the job was done and did it within a competitive price to fit my budget. I have recommended them to friends and would recommend them to anyone else that requires repairs to their foundation.

Donna Capone

We have worked with Primal Contracting on a number of major projects over the past years. They understand our needs as a client and continue to provide valuable input during design, pricing, tendering, construction, and close-out phases for a variety of our projects"

- Terry M

Experience with Primal Contracting has been invaluable. It may sound like an exaggeration, but we literally saved thousands of dollars in our process and our timing in the market

– Dave Z

We hired Primal in the summer of 2012 to take care of our wet basement problems. Water was entering the basement of our newly acquired house every time it rained and we knew we had to take care of this problem. We researched various ways for the repair and decided it was better to take care of it from the outside where the problem originated rather then from the inside. Primal was our choice and we are happy that we chose them. They were quick to respond and completed the job over the course of 2 days. We have had no problems since and during heavy rains last summer the sump system worked perfectly! Primal provided an owner transferable 15 year warranty on the work which will be a favorable selling point. We highly recommend this company for tasks such as this. They also installed telescoping basement supports for us, again they were quick to respond and efficient.

Trusted Pros - Sue

There is a crew working two houses away from me, on Morley Ave. My husband works nights, so he sleeps during the day. The crew was playing the radio. The homeowner was worried it would be too loud for my husband, and wake him up. The crew lowered the volume right away. The radio wasn't being played at all, today.

As it turns out, we couldn't even hear it in the house at all, so my husband wasn't disturbed (which I mentioned to one of the crew members, so they could feel comfortable playing their music, again) . However, I really appreciated their ungrudging willingness to accommodate my husband's sleeping schedule. It was very considerate.

Additionally, they are really friendly and they have kept the public space clean - no muddy clumps on my shoes. They're good ambassadors for your company.

- Tia Mallory




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